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I’m having one of those days where I’m just lying in bed crying because SPOILER ALERT: sometimes I forget how to adult.


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ok ok ok I just reread The Seduction and let me tell you, if you don't already have a sequel, I'd like to formally request one!

I’m not going to lie - I had to Google what this was, haha.

Maybe one day! :)

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shooby-doo-woop and scooby snacks

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KANSAS someone needs to write some of these because they are absolutely FANTASTIC OHMYGOD



Ok ok but think like after he kills Lilith, Sam using sex with Castiel as a way to keep himself away from his addiction. Castiel taking care of him, giving Sam guidance and control and somewhere to take out his anger and frustration and worthlessness because Castiel can take it, Castiel can pin him down or tie him up or choke Sam with his cock when Sam wants to sink his teeth into a demon’s veins.

But when Castiel is weaker, suddenly he needs Sam to take care of him instead of the other way around, needs Sam to be gentle because he isn’t as strong, because he needs to save his strength for when it’s life-or-death. And maybe Sam tops for the first time, draped over Cas’s back like a blanket of sweat and heat and Cas can’t get enough of it because now that he can feel the temperature he’s cold all the time, Sam moving inside of him and making him feel all of the good, pure, amazing things about his humanity, Cas coming with tears in his eyes and later staring in the mirror at this body that he had occupied before, but never known, not until Sam showed him.


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The boys arguing after a hunt almost goes horribly wrong. Dean burying his fingers in Sam's hair, roughly pulling his head back to get his brother's full attention. The little grunt from Sam, then wary eyes and flushing cheeks as he mutters quietly "Dean. Stop." Dean licks his lips, anger suddenly overtaken. He tugs again, harder this time. Sam's breath quickens. "Make me."


Sam on his knees staring up into Dean's black eyes as he eagerly slurps and chokes down his fat cock. Dean's moaning and lazily thrusting into that hot, glorious mouth. Then he fists his hand in Sam's hair and gives one hard shove, smirking as he makes Sam gag around his length. Loving the sounds Sam makes, he does this over and over, never for too long, until he comes down Sam's throat. Dean pulls Sam to his feet, grinning when he sees Sam's flushed, messy face and the wet stain on Sam's pants.


Sex kitten!Sam seducing Dean into fucking him. Sleeping naked next to Dean in bed and arching against his big brother, begging. I'm sorry, deantops-sambottoms prompts are closed and I'm going through withdrawl with bottom!Sam.


Fourteen year old Sammy loving wearing panties for Dean. Liking when Dean rims him from behind, talking real dirty to him as he fucks Sam with his tongue. Sam coming untouched.



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