Hell is Hallowed Ground

Because my brother is safe & Sound
Welcome, friends. You may call me Kansas. This is a blog for my anonymous Supernatural poetry and fiction. This is also a multi-shipping blog, and here you'll find an endless supply of Wincest, a dedicated amount of Sastiel and Destiel, as well as a smidgen of Samifer. Did I mention that I shamelessly support bottom!Sam? Enjoy. Sometimes I post personal opinions. If you don't like them, there's a door called the 'unfollow' button.

It’s the way Dean’s body presses against his - so warm, so familiar - that has Sam quivering through an instant orgasm, bottom lip caught between his teeth, one leg hooked around Dean.

And Dean - he can feel his baby brother’s contractions, the way his body spasms - wonders if he was aroused the moment they started fighting. “Whoa, easy, tiger,” he says lowly, pressing against Sam’s body with a little more force. 

"Dean?" Sam whispers, voice shaking. 

"Who else would it be?" Dean murmurs, feeling the warmth spreading between Sam’s legs. "Considering you just came all over yourself."

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