Hell is Hallowed Ground

Because my brother is safe & Sound
Welcome, friends. You may call me Kansas. This is a blog for my anonymous Supernatural poetry and fiction. This is also a multi-shipping blog, and here you'll find an endless supply of Wincest, a dedicated amount of Sastiel and Destiel, as well as a smidgen of Samifer. Did I mention that I shamelessly support bottom!Sam? Enjoy. Sometimes I post personal opinions. If you don't like them, there's a door called the 'unfollow' button.

"You can take it," Brady soothes, running his finger over Sam's well used hole. Sam is fucked out and tired, he's taken six guys from the frat already. And he's just got five more. He wants this more than anything. To be a member of Phi Kappa Delta. So he forces himself to stay up and alert. Brady leaves the room and another masked man enters, All Sam could see of him was his bright green eyes. And he swore, while the other man fucked him, that he said "Gonna take care of you Sammy."


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