Hell is Hallowed Ground

Because my brother is safe & Sound
Welcome, friends. You may call me Kansas. This is a blog for my anonymous Supernatural poetry and fiction. This is also a multi-shipping blog, and here you'll find an endless supply of Wincest, a dedicated amount of Sastiel and Destiel, as well as a smidgen of Samifer. Did I mention that I shamelessly support bottom!Sam? Enjoy. Sometimes I post personal opinions. If you don't like them, there's a door called the 'unfollow' button.

Imagine Stanford! or pre!Stanford!girl!Sam going out and buying her first vibrator, and going home, sitting on the edge of her bed all earnest to read the instruction manual because really she has no idea what she's doing with this thing and she finally gets through the manual and puts batteries in it and once she gets it right she comes so hard she literally can't move afterward, just laying there panting and making these little noises until her muscles stop freaking out.



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