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How do the Winchesters celebrate Easter? ;)

It’s the one day of the year when Sam indulges in chocolate and sweets. He’s not really much of a ‘sweets’ guy, but on Easter, he makes an exception - mostly ‘cause it makes Dean happy.

They didn’t really celebrate as kids - John would sometimes get them candy the day after, but that was about it. They were always too busy.

But these days, it’s kind of like Sam’s and Dean’s own private little candy heaven. They obviously don’t adhere to the religious tone of the holiday, but instead have made it something of their own.

“Dean - seriously. If I need another one of those marshmallow bunny things, I’m gonna puke.” 

“Psh, Sam - come on. One more. Gotta beat last year’s record.” He holds it out to his brother, and admittedly, Sam does look a little green.

“No, dude. I’m seriously gonna vomit. All this sugary shit’s giving me a gut ache.” Sam groans softly, rubbing his belly as he falls backwards on the motel bed, candy wrappers shifting beneath him.

Dean grins, pops the candy into his mouth. “Suit yourself.” He finishes it off, then crawls up next to Sam, turns his head a bit so he can kiss him. 

Sam smiles, leaning into Dean’s arms. “Taste like chocolate.”

“Mmhm,” Dean murmurs, moving his hand up to brush Sam’s hair away from his face. “So d’you. Bitch.”

Sam laughs into Dean’s chest, nuzzling a little bit as he replies, “Jerk.”

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