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Gosh I don’t want to write this because I feel like I’m pressuring people but this needs to be said: to the anon+ any one who skipped the first 3 seasons of SPN: Here’s what you’re missing out on:

And here are things you are not allowed to do:

I’m not saying you have to watch the first 3 seasons but I’m saying you’re throwing away such a great opportunity

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    I watched 4-8 first and now I’m watching 1-3. I’ve mentioned the plethora of reasons I had for doing this before, so I...
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    I think this is why people hate on Sam and Dean’s brotherly relationships. Because they didnt watch it from the...
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  22. forkingspooner said: I will never understand people who skip seasons of shows. Like, if you love a show why wouldn’t you want to watch all of it?
  23. justlikeordinary said: hOW DOES ANYONE SKIP ANY SEASONS OF SPN, PERIOD???????? LIKE, IT CAN NOT BE DONE.
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